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Workspace Digital Transformation

Best Practices for a Distributed Workforce

Wednesday, October 19 | 11:00 AM ET | 8:00 AM PT

Distributed workforces and hybrid-working models call for an acceleration of workplace digital transformation. As a golden age for facilities management, the tech and tools abound for making modern workplaces a runaway success. By digitally transforming and optimizing the workplace, people can better access the space they need when in the workplace and in turn create cost savings.

In this session, we will hone in on some of the larger digital transformation trends and how they benefit the FM profession. Then, taking an evidence-based approach, we’ll discover the wins made by Florida Power & Light in their workspaces and discuss how they can be replicated in your organization with the help of the right tech.

  • Planning for unpredictable occupancy — Helping employees secure the space they need and avoiding disappointment.

  • Optimizing and redressing the balance of resources — Understand how space is being interacted with and optimize accordingly so employees can access the type of space they need.

  • Prioritizing the employee experience — Craft an employee-centric workplaces with a variety of spaces that are optimized for high-productivity working.

Meet the Panel

John Wang

John C. Wang

– Moderator –
CEO, IAdea

Felipe Waterwall

Felipe Waterwall

– Panelist –
Senior System Architect, Newmark

Kirun Kumar Chikkula

Kiran Kumar Chikkula

– Panelist –
Project Manager, CBRE