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Enhancing Campus Safety & Security with Digital Wallet & Space Solutions

Wednesday, June 7, 2023 | 10:00 AM ET | 7:00 AM PT

What you can expect from this webinar

The campus is a hub of activity, with students and faculty constantly moving between classrooms, labs, and offices. Keeping track of room and desk bookings can be a challenging task, but with the right technology, it can be made much easier. The introduction of digital wallets and access control technologies in educational institutions has not only lowered the cost of issuing ID cards for students and faculty, but also enabled convenient access control and reduced administrative workload.

Room booking systems can provide an additional layer of security by limiting access to certain areas on campus, such as conference rooms or laboratories, to authorized personnel only. The utilization of access control technologies in conjunction with room booking systems can guarantee that only individuals possessing the requisite credentials are capable of reserving and accessing these areas, thereby mitigating the risks of unauthorized entry, theft and other security breaches. 

Learn more about how:

  • Room booking systems simplify scheduling for educational institutions and optimize space utilization

  • Digital wallets and access control technologies can streamline operations and reduce administration workload

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Meet the Speakers

Luis Morejon-headshot

Luis Morejon

– Moderator –
Global Facility Management Lead, Newmark

John Wang-headshot

John C. Wang

– Panelist –
CEO, IAdea

Darlene Pope-headshot

Darlene Pope

– Panelist –
President, North America, Planon


Oriol Turro-headshot

Oriol Turro,

– Panelist –
Global Business Development Manager, HID Global