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A Review of COVID-19

Cost Impacts and Lessons Learned

LIVE Webinar Wednesday, December 7  
Noon ET 9 am PT

About the webinar

As part of IFMA's newest Operations and Maintenance Benchmarking report for North America, we discuss specific details of the cost impacts to facility organizations. Costs for social distancing and hygiene/sanitation are provided and are organized by industry type, facility use, size, and the number of building occupants. 

Join us on December 7th at noon ET to gain unique insights and engage in a discussion on future perspectives on remote work and other workplace challenges.

Key takeaways

  • Understand the COVID-19 cost impacts at many of the common types of facilities in North America

  • Learn best practices related to COVID-19 management

  • Prepare for future workspace requirements, including hybrid or remote working

  • Use organizational change tools to help organizations respond to unforeseen events

  • Apply the lessons learned to future disease outbreaks

To gain more in-depth insights, purchase the North America Operations & Maintenance 2022 Benchmarking Report.

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